Chruoy Changvar & Phnom Penh: 1 Sep 2003


Bright City Lights

The bright lights of Phnom Penh's riverside of pubs, restaurants and karaoke night clubs. Loud music reverbs across the river as the occupants of the boat houses sleep. 


Night Boats

Ferries moored for the night, while fishing boats are still active.


Christmas Tree

Lighted up like a Christmas tree, the stupa of Wat Phnom is a prominent feature of Phnom Penh's night lights. In the recent past when the park was not lighted, the traffic circle on which Wat Phnom is located was a prime place for armed robbery in the night.



The entry to Wat Phnom's temple sanctuary guarded by these stoic lions. Built in 1373, with many subsequent rebuilds, the most recent being in 1926, 



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