Phnom Penh: 3 Aug 2003


Gateway to the Royal Palace

An overcast morning. A stroll along the western bank of the Tonle Sap river leads towards the Royal Palace. Protected by a high wall of yellow, the front of the Royal compound stands the Chan Chaya Pavilion, which faces east towards the river. Performances of classical Cambodian dance were once staged in the pavilion, through which guests enter the palace grounds. 


View to the National Museum

Breakfast at the Foreign Correspondence Club (FCC). View towards the National Museum, while one sips coffee latte and enjoying the very western ambience within.


Reaping from the Mekong

Technically not the Mekong, but the Tonle Sap River. Fishermen (or fisherwoman) clear their nets after a morning catch.


Tonle Sap

Traffic on the Tonle Sap is not very heavy here. A lone fishing boat drifts along. The opposite bank is connected to Phnom Penh city via the Cambodian-Japanese Friendship Bridge


Flat Egg Noodles

The local version of tar mee poh... made by a cottage industry, dozens of these baskets of noodles line the roadside to be dried. 



A shop house in a minor street... built in 1918 !



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