Phnom Penh: 6 Aug 2003


Roadside Convenient Store

Cigarettes, telephone services, tyre repair, motor oil, gasoline... what more would you need from a roadside convenient store


Wet Market

There are many wet markets in Phnom Penh. This one is known as Kandar Market. Most vendors place their products in baskets and basins on the road. This vendor sells crabs and mushrooms.


Proliferation in Yellow

Shopping made easy... the market products are well segregated in specific geographical areas; meats in one section, fish and river produce in another, vegetables in another. Within each section are even sub-segregations. Such as these lime sellers congregating together.


Vegetarian Delight

This is the greens section. Technically not all are greens, gingers, pumpkins, radish, all vie for attention.


Slithery Meal

Snakes for good health. Khmer people also do eat game and exotic food in believe of their health enhancement capacity.


Monk on Sidewalk

Just outside the Buddhist University, a young monk walks along a tree lined sidewalk. As the elections were just over, most of these trees still have election propaganda notices on them.



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