Phnom Penh: 10 Aug 2003



Numerous roadside vendors will sell gasoline for motorcycles from a portable tank and pump as shown above.


Al Fresco Dining

The riverside promenade south of Hotel Cambodiana is bustling with activities all the time. On sunday evenings, this is the place for meals (al fresco dining Cambodian style), flying kites, and for couples to bond.


Food Street

The promenade is packed with people and street hawkers.


Balloon Girl

A young girl walks the promenade selling balloons and toy masks.


Street Hawker

Most hawkers sell a variety of local food.


More Street Hawkers


Even More Street Hawkers

This hawker sells sugar cane bits as a sweet refreshing snack.


Hot Food 

Fire roasted cuttlefish... for 4000 Riels (1 USD) each.


Ice Lolly Man

Packed shaven ice on a cup, and dipped with various coloured syrup... a lure for many kids.


Houseboats on the Bassac

The Bassac near it's confluence with the Mekong is home to many fishermen living on small houseboats.


Twilight Cruise

The river is bustling with activities in the twilight. This is the favorite time for many to bath in the river after a hard day's work.



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