Phnom Penh: 16 Sep 2003


Crossing Over

Crossing the Chruoy Changvar Bridge, a vital link between Phnom Penh and the peninsular landmass between the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers. Spanning 700 meters, the original bridge was blown up during fighting in 1975. The existing bridge was constructed in 1993 with Japanese funding of US$23.2 million.


Tonle Sap Sunrise

Better known as the Japanese Friendship Bridge by visitors and foreigners, the bridge spans the Tonle Sap River. It was here on the afternoon of 17 April 1975 that the city of Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge.



The bridge offers a great vantage point to appreciate riverside life. From modern container wharfs to stilted slump housing.


Four Wheels, Two Wheels, Two Legs

Three lanes in each direction... one for four or more wheeled vehicles, one for two wheelers, and one for the footed traffic.


King of the Road

Why spend money on an expensive bus? These trolleys powered by a mere 125 cc motorcycle can easily take a load of 40 people. No passengers? No worries, just stack goods on it and it'll make the American 18-wheeler trucks look like a joke.



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