Chruoy Changvar & Phnom Penh: 19 Aug 2003


Mobile Pottery Shops

On this morning, i decided to explore the peninsula across the Tonle Sap River. This landmass is known as Chruoy Chang War. Along the road were these mobile bullocks pottery shops. 


Pottery Boy

There were four of these pottery bullocks, each of which were manned by a adult and a boy.


Two Bullpower Each

The owners were about to set off on the road after resting the night here.


Nikes for Cattle

To protect the bulls from wearing off their hoofs against the hard tarmac, rubber shoes were worn. 


Jetty for Greens

Back in Phnom Penh, just adjacent to the Japanese Friendship Bridge was this jetty... busy with boats unloading vegetables and fruits from afar.


Empty Handed

After unloading, the empty boats head back.


Waiting for Fare

This jetty is also for passenger ferries. A motordop driver awaiting for a fare at the ramp.


Sweet Smiles

Playing at the jetty, young children with the sweetest smiles will light up your day.


Banana Courier

Off the boats, and onto the motorcycle for a quick ride to the markets.


Satyak Mony Chet Dei

This once housed a single bone of Buddha, which was brought over from India. The structure is located on a large traffic circle just in front of the railway station. Because of the heavy traffic moving about here, the deity's bone was recently moved to Oudong.


Lily Pond

A circular pond of lillies.


Psar Thmei

This place goes by three names... Psar Thmei in Khmer, meaning New Market, and Central Market to most foreigners. Right in the centre of town, this big yellow art deco building is hard to miss. It has a domed center hall and four large extension arms filled with small shops.


Umbrella Girl

Everything from jewelry to electronic radios, from gas stoves to touristy T-shirts, it's all here and on a large scale.


Crabby Crustacians

On the outside of the market are stands selling all things that are edible... fresh fruits , meats, vegetables, flowers, and cooked foods, all vying for attention.


Ku Chai Kuay

One can even find Ku Chai Kuay here !


United Colours

Contrasting colours and taste... fresh greens and preserved meats.


Brillance in Orange

Salted fish, dried shrimps, lap cheongs... and other preserved foodstuff.


Frog Legs

A bored looking lady selling frog legs and sprouts.



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