Phnom Penh: 20 Aug 2003


At The Lake

A rainy morning at Boeung Kak Lake.. Much of the fringe of the lake is overgrown with hyacinths. The view is northwards from the newly opened Smiles Guesthouse, with a striking glimpse of the roof and minaret of the International Mosque. 



A strange looking offering bowl... filled with sweets!


Mother & Child

Living up to the name... the family of the Smiles Guesthouse


Narrow Streets

Exploring the streets around Boeung Kak Lake is very difficult by car, especially more so in a Mercedes Benz. The narrow streets leave little room for errors. The man is selling rice noodles.


Backpackers and Bandits

The locale around Boeung Kak Lake is famous for the many budget guesthouses, which attract backpackers and bandits alike. A place to avoid at night. Abuse drugs are commonly available here too.


Grafitti or Advertisment ?

The walls line the street are tastefully graffitied with colourful advertisements of guesthouses, cheap cafes and tattoo shops.


Martian Juice

Dare you to drink this ?



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