Phnom Penh: 23 Aug 2003


Railway Station

The train is the cheapest means of long distance travel within the country, and many Cambodians are too poor to travel on anything but the train. Passenger cars are old and rusty with broken wooden seats. Taking the train in Cambodia would definitely be an experience of a lifetime.


Rooftop Experience

On daily runs, many passengers sit on the roofs of the boxcars or coaches. Riding on the roof is a great way to take in the scenery...  provided it doesn't rain. 


Breakfast by the Rail

Near the railway station and the tracks live hundreds of people in wooden shacks. As in any community, there will be food stalls. This stall was erected in between the tracks. Imagine having breakfast as a train rumbles by?


The Common People

Most of the common people live in shanty towns like these... wooden shacks as their homes with no running water nor electricity, and garbage all about. Well at least it's lively here.  


Food, Glorious Food

The railway track community had one food stall. This shanty town had dozens of such. Hard to go hungry here... provided you have money.


Highrise Society

Highrise communities are a rare sight in Phnom Penh. Six blocks of such highrise housing for the poorer class are located along Samdach Sothearos Boulevard. Dirty and dilapidated, with garbage all about, it is a vertical concrete version of the shanty towns.


Kite Flying

A kite made from trash bag. Kite flying a common leisure activity for the young.


Traveling Salesman

Have wheels will make money. Most of the poorer class Cambodians make a living off from pedal bicycles and motorcycles. It is amazing how many things can one stack on a bicycle.


Something from Nothing

They were rampaging through the garbage for something salvageable... and they surely did find something.


Baguettes for the Cycloman 

This cyclo driver was buying his breakfast. The girl literally sold baguette off her head.


Monks Chilling Out

At Wat Svay Pope were many young monks... as if waiting for something to happen. Some were goggling at pictures of women in magazines.



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