Ponnea Lueu: 25 Sep 2003



Highway 5 is the main trunk road leading north from Phnom Penh. Straddling the Tonle Sap River for a good portion of the way, this road offers a scenic journey. This is one of the many temples and mosques along the road before Phnom Udong.


Flooded Plains

During the wet season, the overflowing Tonle Sap River creates great flood plains all along it's length.


Monks Waiting

Chum Ben is a busy period at the temples. These young monks are awaiting for the temple ceremonies to begin.



A beautiful ornate temple. Dressed in much gold paint, the temple stands out in the bright morning sun.


Inside the Vihara

Empty at the moment, the vihara of the temple was well prepared to welcome the many expected worshippers during the Chum Ben.



In a short moment, the hall of the vihara was filled with many people, The monk blesses worshippers with holy water and lotus petals.



The monks' alms bowl. Worshippers give offerings of food and money to the temple in return for the blessings.



The temple walls echo the beautiful music by these musicians.



One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, the umbrella or parasol symbolizes the dome of the sky over the mountains whose important function is to cast a shadow... the shadow of protection. The parasol offers protection against the heat of defilements.


Lighting the Candle

Lighting a candle for the King. The mountain upholds the sky, as does the dome of the umbrella is held aloft by a vertical handle. Umbrellas are especially important in processional rites, being like mobile temples. The umbrella is often carried above an important dignitary or a deity.


Outward Looking

A young monks meditates from a window in his quarters.



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