Phnom Penh : 26 Sep 2003


Budget Barber

One of the cheapest haircut in Phnom Penh. No frills... a chair, a mirror, a towel, and a hair cutter is all that is needed for this business.


Motor Workshops

The green fencing around the Olympic Stadium is the site of many makeshift businesses. Besides budget barbers, motorcycle workshops and spare parts shops are in great proliferation here.


Coil Springs

Very little is wasted in Cambodia. Parts are reconditioned and resold over and over.



Using a pot of hot charcoal to heat metal rods of varying sizes, they young craftsmen turn otherwise useless broken plastic motorcycle fenders into re-sellable usable spares.



The Olympic Stadium located near the intersection of Monireth Boulevard and Prea Sihanouk Boulevard was constructed for the 1966 Asian Games hosted in Cambodia.


Flowing Curves

The stadium grounds are not locked and anyone can run to the top of the stairs, taking the same path as the torchbearers of the past, The stadium is a most ideal place for those seeking a place to exercise, being frequented by both locals and expatriates alike.


Fly Kite

Not everyone who comes here run. Some fly a kite, others smoke ganja, and others simply just watch the world go by.



Even monks come here to recharge their souls after a hard day in the temples.



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