Kin S'vay: 27 Aug 2003


Wat On Fire

After 11 kilometers in the dark on a very pot-holed National Highway 1, the sky finally gave a brilliant display of the dawn lights. This wat, sitting between the highway and the sleepy village of Kin S'vey


Picnic Huts

Located on a small tributary of the Mekong River, Kin S'vey is a popular picnic area with the locals, who can rent bamboo stands and wooden shacks on stilts built alongside and out over the river.


Bridge Over Placid Water

A narrow bridge spans the river. It leads to a village that sits on the narrow peninsula between this river and the Mekong. 


A fiery Sky

This recreational destination is ideal of pigging out. Lots of food and drink stands line the main village road to service the many picnickers that come over the weekends. However the hoards of crowds have also left their mark.. the river bank below the picnic huts are littered with loads of trash.


Rickety Walkway

This place is not for those with a fear for heights. The narrow, rotten, flimsy and shaky plank ways that lead up to the picnic huts are an experience to walk upon. It's already a miracle how the structures can take the weight of a single person, not to mention a whole family of picnicking Cambodians.


The Crossing

To my surprise, the narrow bridge connecting to the peninsula was rather sturdy. Small lorries loaded full with people and goods often ply this bridge.  



Unlike the Mekong, this tributary is most serene, especially on this early mornings. No noisy motorized boats, no noisy picnickers. Just an occasional rowboats passing by near the banks. Line with hyacinths on both banks, this is an ideal place to take in the morning freshness.


View From Across

[ click on the picture above for a panorama of the river from the east end of the bridge ] 

An almost perfect mirror reflection of the picnic huts along the river. Only such a calm undisturbed river can you get such a view. 


Lifeline for the Village

It matters not whether by foot, bullock, or motorized transport. The bridge is a lifeline for the village beyond. There is an exodus of people from the village every morning, for those who work in the capital city... a mere 11 km away. Sardine-can packed onto the backs of small lorries and motorcycle pull-cars, these young adults earn better wages working beyond the village.


The River Provides

Growing wild along the banks with the hyacinths is a river plant that can be harvested for food.


Kin S'vey Kids

Kin S'vey is a rich village, probably from it's proximity to the capital and the high volume of local tourist to the area. Most of the houses stand on concrete stilts, and many have concrete stairways and ground landings. A few houses were noted to have air-conditioning!



The busy Mekong is a stone throw away. The road beyond the bridge leads to a village, and beyond to the banks of the Mekong. Many boats ply across the river here. The city of Phnom Penh could be seen from here in the distance.



Many of the villagers are busy working on their land.



And more are working on the fruits of their land.



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