East Mebon: 9 Oct 2003
  A pyramid of receding terraces on which are placed many detached edifices, the most effective being the five towers which crown the top. Could any conception be lovelier, a vast expanse of sky-tinted water as wetting for a perfectly ordered temple.  



This temple once stood on a small island in the middle of the Eastern Baray, and its only access was by boat. Today the baray is dry and access is straightforward. East Mebon is a temple mountain symbolising Mount Meru with five towers in quincunx atop a platform of three diminishing tiers.



Like its neighbour Pre Rup, the East Mebon was built by King Rajendravarman II in 952. It was the first temple to be built after the capital was returned from Koh Ker to Angkor. The temple was dedicated to Shiva in honour of the king's parents.


Petrified Giant

Beautifully sculptured two-meter high monolithic elephants stand majestically at the corners of the first and second tiers. They are very realistic with details of their harnesses and other decoration.



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