Tonle Bati: 2 Sep 2003



The southern banks of Tonle Bati is the site where the ancient temple of Ta Prohm is situated, some 33 km south of Phnom Penh. The journey there is via National Highway 2, a road of relatively good condition permitting speeds in excess of 100 km/h at some sections. The usual paddies line both side of the highway. This man was unloading the rice stalks for the new planting crop season.


Palm Sunrise

A typical countryside landscape... palm trees dot the paddies everywhere.


Ta Prohm

The Angkor-era temple of Ta Prohm was bulit by King Jayavarman VII (reigned 1181 to 1201) on the site of a 6th century Khmer shrine. Made of laterite, the temple has a main sanctuary consisting of five chambers.


Girl Touts

As with all tourist attractions, touts are the norm, These young girls were trying to sell vistors joss sticks and lotus flowers for prayers.


Bas Relief

There are a number of interesting bas-relief scenes of ancient Khmer life on the walls of the temple. 



Relentlessly, the young girls followed wherever I went. What better opportunity to use them as models.


Lotus and Jasmine

Joss, lotus and jasmine flowers to please the Gods... or merely an excuse for earning some money.



The temple caretaker goes about his morning duties of keeping the grounds tidy. 



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