Phnom Penh: 14 Aug 2003


Morning Calisthenics

The middle class of Phnom Penh is a health conscious society. The promenades are filled with people doing calisthenics during the early hours of the day.


Fisherman's Home

Morning has broken over the Bassac. The fisherman's houseboats have moored along shore to bring in the previous night's catch for sale in the markets.


Mekong Sunrise

The sunrise over the Mekong is spectacular,  as plying boats make good subjects.


Mekong Sunrise II


The Catch

The prized giant Mekong catfish. Bagging the previous night's catch for sale in the local markets. 


The Prize

Pangasius gigas. Trey poor in Khmer, the giant Mekong catfish is a very hardy fish... they can stay alive for a long time when out of the water. It is not uncommon to see these fishes still struggling in the basket in the local markets.


The Little Fishmonger

Catfishes and carps are common catch from the river. The local fishermen sells part of the catch on the streets at a lower price compared to the local market vendors. Most of the catch is carted away on motordops to the markets.



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