Rokakong: 14 Sep 2003


Stupa in the Paddy

Highway 6 is the main trunk road to the north and northeast. For the initial 30 km from Phnom Penh, it follows the western bank of the Mekong River and thus provides scenic views of the riverbank countryside and flood plains of the Mekong.


Lone Boat

Time passes slowly here, like a boat drifting on calm waters... countryside life goes about a most idyllic pace.


Wat Ahkahkow

Just off Highway 6, by the banks of the Mekong sits this temple with very tall spires. Being so outstanding, the tall spires serve as a landmark for boat travelers heading to or from Kampong Cham.



The village of Rokakong is one of many points where boats crossing and plying the Mekong leave from.


Brotherly Love

Life is simple here, and the people have the rich river to provide for most of their needs.


Cows Come Home

Atypical daily routine in the countryside... farmers walk their buffalos home after a hard day in the fields.


Looking Out

The kids enjoying the varied sights, sounds and smells of the countryside.


Last Lights

Catching the last light of the day, the silhouette of a wat constrast against the colourful sky.



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