Phnom Penh: 15 Sep 2003


Wat Svay Dongkum

An inconspicuous temple located near the Central Market. Wat Monkoulwan was my exploration destination for this morning.



Like soldiers standing attentive during a parade, these stupas are neatly lined on the side of the temple vihara.


Dressed in Sunday Best

Dak Ben is a 15-day religious ceremonial period that leads up to the annual Pchum Ben festival in which ancestors are honoured and remembered. Khmers would visit the temple at least once during the Dak Ben to give offerings of food, flowers and incense.


Hungry Monk

After prayers, the offerings will be blessed by the resident monk in the vihara.


Lotus Flower

Lotus flowers of pink and white, jasmine flowers in a bracelet or on a stick, joss sticks... all elements for temple offerings.



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