Chom Chau & Phnom Penh: 24 Sep 2003


Going Bananas

In the typical Cambodia style, a roadside vendor sells bananas off his most important asset... a motorcycle.



Everybody seems to be rushing home to cerebrate the Chum Ben. Just 11 km outside of Phnom Penh, Chom Chau is an important taxi terminus where people can board these overloaded pickup taxis that ply National Highway 3 towards the south... to Takeo and Kampot.


Sunglasses Anyone?

Where there are people, there will be vendors. From snacks to sunglasses, the commuters will be harassed by the multitude of vendors as their taxis jam packed with more passengers.


Monumental Highway

A monument to commemorate the building of the American-Khmer Friendship Highway that links Phnom Penh with Sihanoukville.Built in 1959, Highway 4 is the probably the only good condition trunk road in the whole of Cambodia.


Waiting For A Sign

A fisherman patiently awaits for a subtle sign to indicate a potential catch. This small flood plain was just off Highway 3 not far from Chom Chau.


Checking The Catch

Any catch will do, The fisherman was not fussy. The prize for his efforts included small fishes to large snails.



For sale... colourful alters line the roadside at Chom Chau.


Lakeside Coffee

Time to chill out... coffee by Boeung Kak Lake


Chasing The Dragon

A fisherman checks his long net in Boeung Kak Lake. Despite very heavy fishing pressures, the lake is still provides ample catches of fairly large sized fishes.


Railroad Crossing

At the railway station, Ek Hohn goes about exploring the railway lines on his own.


Golden Pathway

A well trodden path to the slump village by Boeung Kak Lake just west of the railway station.



A clock and a stone bench. All that you need while waiting for the train at the railway station.


Twilight @ Hun Sen Park

An evening stroll at Hun Sen Park. The sky above was a colorful palette of red, yellow, blue and purple.


Child's Play

Playing with the gravel on the ground at Hun Sen Park... Phnom Penh's best substituted to sand at the beach.


In National Colours

Lit with lights of the national colours of Cambodia, the Independence Monument is a visual treat to behold even at night.



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