Phnom Penh: 25 Aug 2003


Burnt Homes

The slums of Phnom Penh are fire hazards. Built of very combustible materials, a small fire would spread to the whole neighbourhood in no time. A few hundred people lost their homes in a recent fire along Rue 132. The firemen upon arriving at the fire scene refused to put out the fire till the home owners paid them some money. Now what's left are charred stilts, and it has also become a garbage yard.


Ice Breaker

Backyard industries are common to sustain a living. This family freezes water from the nearby Boeng Kak Lake to make ice, then cutting them into blocks for sale.


Showerheads from Yesteryears

Water fillers for the steam engines of yesteryears. The modernisation of the Royal Cambodian Railway had meant retirement of the old steam engine fleet. These water fillers serve another purpose today... as an electrical cable pole.


Old and New

Left to rust and rot, these old tankers and an old coal tender of the steam era are left to nature. The newer diesel shutter on the left is still on active daily duty. 


Mainline Diesel

One of the mainline diesel engines. The old dilapidated building behind is the very much still in service repair workshop for the railway.



The repair workshop facility is massive, and within are engines of all kinds... from steam to mainline diesels to DMUs.


Passenger Coach

An abandoned old passenger coach in the yard. The floors and side panels have rotted away. Those coaches still in active service are not in much better condition either. 



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