Imja Tse (Island Peak) 6173 m
7 november 2003
  early morning start  
  leaving Islang High Camp at 0445 hrs, we made our way up the rocky southern face of the Imja Tse massive under the light of our headlamps  
  change point  
  at 5800 m, the rocky trail suddenly ends and the glacier begins; climbers don on crampons and harnesses here  
  glacier walk  
  the initial glacier climb was rather gradual, but the low atmospheric pressure makes the climber breathless after every few steps  
  ridge to the summit  
  view of the snow covered summit massive with the many crevasses; Island Peak summit is the highest point seen  
  the wall  
  a 30 - 45 degree 100+ meter wall was the biggest challenge for most climbers attempting Island Peak  
  high angle climb  
  there were already many climbers on the steep slope as we ascended  
  fixed roping  
  most climbers use fixed ropes to aid in their ascend  
  taking a break  
  taking a rest after ascending the wall  
  summit in sight  
  the summit trail follows the narrow steep ridgeline  
  final shoulder  
  not far left to go, as we follow the train of many other climbers vying for the summit  
  6173 @ 0930  
  took us 4 hours 45 minutes to summit from High Camp  
  [ click on the above image for a panoramic view ]  
  a circus  
  it was like a circus up on the summit... crowds of climbers coming up and down throughout the hour we spent there  
  with the Nepalese flag unfurled  
  more coming  
  there were still so many climbers making their way up towards the summit as we were descending  
  changing out  
  back at the snow-rock line... yet another crowd donning on their hardware in preparation for the summit glacier  
  going down  
  a slow and steady descend down the steep rocky path to High Camp  


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