Mera Central 6476 m
30 october 2003
  summit day  
  making our way slowly up Mera... our summit day climb started at 0315 hrs  
  view to everest  
  as more altitude is gained, the views of the mountains beyond gets more spectacular  
  taking a breather  
  taking a short rest after every few steps, this is the agony of high altitude climbing  
  mera north  
  crevasses dominates the steep slopes of Mera North  
  headed for the shoulder  
  not too far left to go... as we approach the final shoulder to Mera Central summit  
  high angle  
  the final steep climb towards the summit of Mera Central  
  words of encouragment to help us make the final push up to the summit  
  6476 @ 0845  
  on Mera Central summit at last... at 0845 hrs !  
  [ click on the above image for a panoramic view ]  
  assim on mera  
  on familar territory, Assim has summited Mera Central many times before  
  one for the photo album... proof of me on the summit  
  more climbers  
  many climbers could be seen heading up towards the summit  
  2nd round  
  in team spirit, we waited for our second team to arrive at the shoulder and went up the summit a second time... summiting again at 1130 hrs  
  heading down  
  going down was no easy task too... getting breathless with every few steps of descend  
  long way to go  
  it was a long difficult descend from the summit all the way to Kongme Dingma  
  kongme dingma  
  on a flat some 400 m below Mera La is the beautiful campsite of Kongme Dingma, beyond which is the steep descend down to the Hunku Valley  
  baruntse on fire  
  another beautiful display of the evening alpine glow on the high peaks